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How To Solve S-Link Puzzle in less than 10 seconds


The Challenge here is to separate the two S-Links or to unlock the two S-Links similar to Nail Puzzle.


Step 1:- 

Hold the two short edges separately in such a way that both the head of the S-Link should be facing upward and parallel to each other, as shown in figure (a).

Figure (a)

Step 2:-

Now keep right hand stable and push your left hand outward and make a perpendicular position, which should look like  |__  from top view, as shown in figure (b)

Figure (b)

Step 3:- 

Now bring the left short edge upward in such a way that the left S-link head go between the right short edge and right S-link head. After this step, confirm that the left short edge is perpendicular to your body,  as shown in figure (c).

Figure (c)

Step 4:- 

Now push the short edges opposite to each other and they should come apart, as shown in figure (d)



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