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How to solve Long Tail Nail Puzzle in less than 10 seconds


The Challenge here is to separate the two nails or to unlock the two nails.

Step 1:- 

Hold the two heads of the nails separately in such a way that both the long tails should be facing upward, as shown in figure (a).

Figure (a)

Step 2:-

Now keep left hand stable and push your right hand outward and make a perpendicular position, which should look like  __|  from top view, as shown in figure (b)
Figure (b)

Step 3:- 

Now bring the right hand short head edge upward and move till it is perpendicular to your body. Also make sure that the right hand long tail of the nail should come in between left hand short head and long tail similar to Nail Puzzle, as shown in figure (c).

Figure (c)

Step 4:- 

Now push the short heads opposite to each other and both nails should come apart, as shown in figure (d)

Figure (d)


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