How to make a Perfect Square Paper from a Rectangular Paper

  Items Required:

1. Rectangular Paper/ A4 Paper

2. Scissors / Knife (Paper Cutter)

3. Ruler / similar flat piece (if you use Knife)

Items Required


Step 1:

To make a perfect square first place the rectangular paper as length side vertically on a flat surface as shown in Figure (a).

Figure (a)

Step 2:

Then pick the top right hand corner and bring it to the leftside middle in such a way that the top horizontal side should align with the left vertical side of the sheet as show in Figure (b)

Figure (b)

Step 3:

After that form a crease on the diagonal side and cut out remaining excess below as shown in figure (c).

Figure (c)

Step 4:

Now you are done. By opening the sheet you get a perfect square paper from a rectangular sheet which can be used for several Origami / Paper Crafts.

Figure (d)

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